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interact / взаимодействовать, действовать, влиять друг на друга
interact, cooperate
act, operate, work, function, proceed, interact
влиять друг на друга
имя существительное
intermission, interval, interlude, entracte, entr'acte, interact
act in such a way as to have an effect on another; act reciprocally.
all the stages in the process interact
all the stages in the process interact
Holistic medicine considers the whole body and takes the approach that all systems interact with each other.
Everyones' universes interact by a process similar to quantum interference.
Conceptual models are provided that show how these concepts interact with each other.
None the less, we note that policy substance and policy process interact .
In general, they regulate how cells interact with each other and with the extra-cellular matrix.
all the stages in the process interact
people who interact daily
Alcohol interacts with fatigue and increases its effects, just like drinking on an empty stomach.
Titanium also interacts with sulphur and can have a beneficial effect on the shape of sulphide inclusions.