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intent / намерение, цель
имя существительное
intention, intent, plan, aim, purpose, mind
goal, purpose, objective, aim, target, intent
имя прилагательное
close, staring, intent, fixed, undivided, undiverted
полный решимости
determined, intent, dead, dead-set
attentive, careful, thoughtful, mindful, watchful, intent
имя прилагательное
resolved or determined to do (something).
the administration was intent on achieving greater efficiency
(especially of a look) showing earnest and eager attention.
a curiously intent look on her face
имя существительное
intention or purpose.
with alarm she realized his intent
Chase stepped back and simply regarded me with an intent stare that made me squirm unconsciously.
I glanced at him, seeing his intent face, and decided against something sarcastic.
Second, many advisers are still intent on chasing high returns.
But the women take no notice of their admirers, so intent are they on their own conversation.
They were intent on driving the Portuguese out of this tropical paradise and claiming it for themselves.
They will no doubt be intent on making it one to remember.
I was so intent in my thoughts, that it took a while for me to realize that Randilyn had stopped playing.
She has an unsettling intent look, and seems to see things the people around her don't.
Mr Elliott said councillors were ‘upset’ that the youngsters seemed so intent on wreaking havoc.
If they are intent on doing something, then they will do it.