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intensive / интенсивный, напряженный, усилительный
имя прилагательное
intensive, intense, high, crash, rich, violent
tense, strained, intense, stressful, strenuous, intensive
имя прилагательное
concentrated on a single area or subject or into a short time; very thorough or vigorous.
she undertook an intensive Arabic course
(of an adjective, adverb, or particle) expressing intensity; giving force or emphasis.
Fernando Pereira emailed an anecdote about intensive use of eh.
denoting a property that is measured in terms of intensity (e.g., concentration) rather than of extent (e.g., volume), and so is not simply increased by addition of one thing to another.
Clearly, the intercept differences produced by the intensive properties were substantially smaller than those produced by spatial properties.
имя существительное
an intensive adjective, adverb, or particle; an intensifier.
Particles are added, usually as completives and intensives , to two and three-syllable verbs of Latin origin: contract out, divide off/up, level off, measure off/out, select out, separate off/out.
They took part in an intensive English class for eight weeks almost immediately on arrival.
They are poor farmers who could never easily afford expensive chemicals used in intensive farming, going organic to boost their meagre incomes.
A core of crime-busting constables will be singled out for intensive training and form a highly-skilled squad of at least 150 specialists.
A passenger whose baggage triggers an alarm might in turn be subject to intensive search procedures - and those are no laughing matter.
It is an intensive physical property of a particular material and does not depend on the amount of material present.
To preserve the variation named varieties have to be grafted, a labour intensive business which explains the high price.
No doubt there are some dodgy practices on intensive farms - most big farms are big businesses out to maximise profits and only too happy to cut corners.
With a relatively small take-up of electronic accounts in Ireland, the private client business is highly labour intensive .
Rigorous and data intensive , ecological economics builds on the idea that natural resources are as valid a form of capital as oil rigs.
Large businesses and high wealth individuals will continue to be the subject of intensive risk reviews.