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intensify / усиливать, усиливаться
strengthen, increase, enhance, reinforce, intensify, amplify
strengthen, increase, intensify, grow, rise, become stronger
become or make more intense.
the dispute began to intensify
increase the opacity of (a negative) using a chemical.
the negative may be intensified with bichloride
To intensify the competition there will be status tables visible to everyone in an organisation.
The place to be these days is in one of the accession countries, as the focus on EU enlargement begins to intensify .
During the following month the pain in her arm began to intensify .
Analysts predict that US sanctions against Iraq will intensify and that a military campaign cannot be ruled out.
the dispute began to intensify
The researchers say that increasing the amount of zirconium may intensify the color.
the dispute began to intensify
Gradually the relationship began to intensify and, in 1991, they married.
Labor is set to intensify attacks on housing affordability if interest rates go up on Wednesday.
A rush of warmth flowed through his body, and it quickly began to intensify , growing searingly hot.