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intend / намереваться, предназначать, подразумевать
mean, intend, plan, design, set out, purpose
intend, design, dedicate, destine, assign, earmark
mean, imply, involve, understand, infer, intend
knowingly, advisedly, by design, intend
have (a course of action) as one's purpose or objective; plan.
the company intends to cut about 4,500 jobs
design or destine (someone or something) for a particular purpose or end.
pigs intended for human consumption
he didn't intend any disrespect
It is soo cute, but probably too big for the person it's intended for so I might have to keep it and make another smaller one.
Indeed there would be no point to such centralized plans if they weren't intended to override the wishes of individuals.
Computers can be used by inmates to study a range of courses intended to help them upon release.
It is intended that the plan will be an accurate reflection of the needs and aspirations of the residents of the village.
I never, of course, intended to go into the room in the first place so I'm happy to comply.
The FAA acknowledged that the plan is not intended as a final solution to congestion and delay problems.
My wife, cat, baby and I occupy a space intended for three families.
In 1998 two foresters were killed by a landmine intended for the park director.
All three were also charged with intending to pervert the course of justice.