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intelligentsia / интеллигенция
имя существительное
intelligentsia, intellectuals, intelligentzia, eggmass
имя существительное
intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.
They were followed by the intelligentsia and cultural élites.
Only political leaders and the intelligentsia in the Arab countries were interviewed.
What they got instead was the massacre of innocent people and the intelligentsia .
That might be considered the view of the educated intelligentsia .
a distrust of the intelligentsia and of theoretical learning
As it is known, dissidents started all this, then writers and creative intelligentsia joined us.
They were followed by the intelligentsia and cultural élites.
This had a powerful influence on the Russian intelligentsia and society in general of that time.
A considerable portion of the intelligentsia has swung to the right.
Even the most liberal of the Russian intelligentsia speak of the distortion their minds still feel.
But those who have seen the film, from the intelligentsia , liked it very much.