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intelligent / умный, разумный, смышленый
имя прилагательное
smart, clever, intelligent, shrewd, brainy, cute
reasonable, intelligent, sensible, rational, sane, understanding
intelligent, bright, quick, quick-witted
имя прилагательное
having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.
Annabelle is intelligent and hardworking
He might not have graduated from high school, but he's obviously highly intelligent and a fast learner.
The software makes intelligent guesses about the words you are trying to tap into the keyboard.
He is highly intelligent , but at this point he functions at the level of a young child.
I have a son that is 27 years old and he is very intelligent when it comes to the computer.
All this is backed up by an intelligent item system that makes it much easier to just pick up and play the game.
I have chatted with him and he seems to be educated, humorous and intelligent .
An intelligent person would not have needed to ask that question!
Any reasonably intelligent person could have concocted that plan.
There appear to be intelligent arguments both for and against this plan.
Yet when it comes to our homes the future has already happened and intelligent houses have become a reality.