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intelligence / интеллект, разведка, ум
имя существительное
intelligence, intellect, mind, mentality, brains, reason
intelligence, reconnaissance, scouting, intelligence service, exploring, secret service
mind, intelligence, intellect, wit, brain, wits
имя прилагательное
intelligence, reconnaissance, recce
mental, intelligence, intellective, inward
имя существительное
the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
an eminent man of great intelligence
the collection of information of military or political value.
the chief of military intelligence
What about emotional intelligence , the ability to understand and listen to yourself and others?
Aircraft losses forced the United States to look at other methods for collecting photo reconnaissance intelligence information.
During the Second World War, British intelligence secretly bugged the cells occupied by some of the most senior German army, navy and air force commanders who had been captured by the Allies.
Lozano based his complaint on alleged wiretaps by military intelligence .
The authors will all be invited to write for the series because they don't underestimate readers' intelligence nor overestimate their knowledge.
Others continued to regard it as a crucial élite and the means by which to defeat British intelligence and secure arms contacts.
Her duties also included mediating information-sharing disputes between FBI intelligence and criminal agents.
He points out that where such extreme early deprivation is followed by nurturant care there is some improvement in speech, intelligence and social skills.
I'm absolutely convinced Sutton's ability, intelligence and experience mean he offers the England squad something they have not got.
They also said the study makes no mention of the value of intelligence collection and the need to reward cooperation with lesser sentences.