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intellectual / интеллектуальный, мыслящий, разумный
имя прилагательное
intellectual, noetic, longhair, long-haired
thinking, intellectual, reasoning, reflective, cogitative, eggheaded
reasonable, intelligent, sensible, rational, sane, intellectual
имя существительное
intellectual, egghead
intellectual, highbrow, egghead, longhair
мыслящий человек
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the intellect.
children need intellectual stimulation
имя существительное
a person possessing a highly developed intellect.
Yet there is an important distinction between government by the intelligent and by intellectuals .
The book is in essence the life story of a mild-mannered and cultured intellectual living under communism.
If Turkey really wants to be European, an intellectual elite that can make itself heard will have to develop.
In some cases the mother may also be limited in terms of intellectual ability and emotional capacity.
I can see the intellectual appeal of it as an exploration of endurance, but three things get in the way of full appreciation.
In his own time he also visited other blogs, to pinch ideas for intellectual stimulation, and to attract return visitors.
Finally, a fabulous essay that requires more intellectual energy to understand than I have today.
It is great having the planning time and the intellectual stimulation of adults and colleagues.
She was a lady of generosity, love and friendship and of great intellectual ability and laity.
There were contests that tested the intellectual abilities of students.
Your intellectual ability is tempered with sympathetic feelings.