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integral / интеграл, целое число
имя существительное
целое число
integer, whole number, integral
имя прилагательное
inbuilt, integral, imbedded, built-in
integral, inalienable, inherent, essential, indefeasible, imprescriptible
whole, solid, integral, entire, perfect, all-in-one
whole, entire, all, full, integral, intact
имя прилагательное
necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental.
games are an integral part of the school's curriculum
of or denoted by an integer.
Other topics he worked on include algebraic geometry, number theory and integral equations.
имя существительное
a function of which a given function is the derivative, i.e., which yields that function when differentiated, and which may express the area under the curve of a graph of the function.
In Appendix B, the formula for calculating the integral of a logistic curve is given.
The branches are not just appendages; they are integral to the whole.
To do this we make adjustments in the integral functions.
Heat pump water heaters can be purchased as integral units with built in water storage tanks or as add-ons that can be retrofitted to an existing water heater tank.
Musically, it often has a really boring part but that part is integral to the chord structure.
Reputations aside, looking the part has certainly been integral to this almost episodic drama, at least as it's unfolded in the media.
A telecoms worker, for example, is both productive in providing a vital service and is also integral to the handling of information.
He says one of those ‘bite your thumb’ lines so integral to the whole adolescent love story.
Since 1921 artistic, photographic and written records have formed an integral part of the Air Force's heritage.
Another analysis topic he studied was non-linear integral equations.
He was integral to the whole process and I'll probably vote for him in the final round of voting.