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intake / потребление, впуск, поглощение
имя существительное
consumption, intake, consuming, input, expenditure
inlet, intake, admission, inflow, induction, admittance
absorption, uptake, absorbing, intake, adsorption, merger
имя прилагательное
inlet, intake, admission
suction, intake, sucking, absorbing, absorptive, absorbent
имя существительное
an amount of food, air, or another substance taken into the body.
your daily intake of calories
a location or structure through which something is taken in, e.g., water into a channel or pipe from a river, fuel or air into an engine or machine, commodities into a place, etc..
cut rectangular holes for the air intake
the new intake of MPs
Participants monitor their activity and their food intake throughout the program.
The silence that had followed a sharp intake of breath from the gallery was broken by Mr Dingemans.
facilities for the intake of grain by road
Secondly, oil collects all the unwanted foreign matter like dirt and grime that gets sucked into the engine through the air intake .
The important thing is to tailor the food intake to the amount of physical activity one undertakes.
Water will be channelled via an old intake on the left bank about 150 metres upstream of Miners Bridge.
A sharp intake of breath all round was followed by an out-and-out gasp of horror as our eyes collectively made it past this first obstacle and on to the rest of the house.
your daily intake of calories
On days you exercise less or not at all, make up the difference by cutting more calories from your food intake .