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intaglio / глубокая печать, инталия
имя существительное
глубокая печать
intaglio printing, intaglio
engrave, etch, grave, chase, enchase, intaglio
cut out, carve, excise, exscind, incise, intaglio
имя существительное
a design incised or engraved into a material.
the dies bore a design in intaglio
engrave or represent by an engraving.
a carved box with little intaglioed pineapples on it
the dies bore a design in intaglio
This creates a plate that can be used to print either in relief or in intaglio .
The term intaglio is used when the design is incised and sunk beneath the surface of the block and is moulded in reverse, which strictly speaking is not really a relief but the reverse of relief, and is often used for gemstone carvings.
a carnelian intaglio showing a fish
The exhibition is organized by medium, beginning with the artist's exploration of various forms of intaglio printing.
Engraving, or incising, to use Wood's term, refers to cutting into the plaque to form the design so that the face of the plaque is flat, the design inset as an intaglio .
the dies bore a design in intaglio
The Southwark intaglio could indicate a Chnoubis, or Gorgon, a type of head which was well used in Late Antiquity as an apotropaic device whose protective power concerned the abdomen.
an intaglio design
After experimenting with different printmaking techniques like etching and aquatint she finally discovered drypoint combined with aquatint as her favorite intaglio process.