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insured / застраховать, страховать, гарантировать
insure, ensure, indemnify, effect an insurance policy
insure, secure, belay, guarantee, assure
ensure, guarantee, assure, secure, safeguard, insure
provide, ensure, procure, insure, assure, guarantee
insure, ensure
имя прилагательное
covered by insurance.
the insured car
имя существительное
a person or organization covered by insurance.
This type of insurance is also known as critical illness cover and pays out a lump sum when the insured is diagnosed with a serious illness covered under the policy.
arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of (property), or injury to or the death of (someone), in exchange for regular advance payments to a company or government agency.
the table should be insured for $2,500
secure or protect someone against (a possible contingency).
by appeasing Celia they might insure themselves against further misfortune
Inclusion of personal accident benefits covers death and permanent disablement of the insured .
The additional attraction with all-risks cover is that this insurance covers your insured articles on a 24-hour basis in all locations worldwide.
The insurer has the right to repudiate a claim not only when the insured has misrepresented material information but also if he failed to disclose such information.
On the death of the insured , term insurance pays the face value of the policy to the named beneficiary.
However the accident that occurred to that car was in fact when another car rammed it while it was stationary, so the insured car was stationary, even though it had bald tyres.
Furthermore, since physical impairment benefits are not linked to the income earning capability of the insured person the cover is limited by the assurance company.
For instance, some life insurance companies need to maintain data 99 years after the death of the insured .
Pace won't steal an insured car, so he returns the Mustang and goes hunting for a new one.
On the affordability of such product the life insurer said the product is merely an extension of benefits such as life cover and disability to the period while the insured is still alive.
In that case the insured claimed a monthly income benefit under a group insurance policy.