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insupportable / невыносимый, нестерпимый, неоправданный
имя прилагательное
unbearable, insufferable, intolerable, unendurable, impossible, insupportable
intolerable, insufferable, unendurable, insupportable, past all bearing, beyond all bearing
unjustified, unwarranted, unwarrantable, uncleared, insupportable
имя прилагательное
unable to be supported or justified.
he had arrived at a wholly insupportable conclusion
unable to be endured; intolerable.
the heat was insupportable
Too many liberals, who approved the words, found the actions insupportable .
The arguments for restrictions on sales of ugly fruit are so ‘rotten’ that they are logically insupportable .
The claims of his father's other heirs that he is entitled to the nominal amount as was at the time of his mother's death is insupportable .
Even so, with such a wealth of experience and talent, to quibble over a little forgotten punctuation is insupportable !
That position is both morally insupportable and legally imprudent.
Here we have a simple tale of him leaping to conclusions, making unsupported and insupportable inferences, and being treated as a hero for it.
Even if it were true, The Rapture is saying, the consequences are insupportable .
The 2 minute egg is marginally under boiled, the silk shirt is not wearable because of a wrinkle, the chauffeur is insupportable because he's been eating garlic again, and the doorman is either too inattentive or overly familiar.
My first move has to be, obviously, an admission that he is absolutely right to say that my claim ‘this did not happen’ is insupportable .
If I were the judge, I would not feel that the jury had reached an insupportable conclusion.