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insulin / инсулин
имя существительное
имя существительное
a hormone produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. The lack of insulin causes a form of diabetes.
The pancreas secretes the hormone insulin which is the key to allowing glucose to enter the cells.
When acidity was lowered, as it is in the intestine, it caused the capsules to expand and release the insulin .
It's caused by an insufficient level of insulin , a glucose regulating hormone.
The way your body responds to insulin , the hormone that controls your blood sugar level may be involved.
This equalizes air pressure in the bottle, making it easier to withdraw the insulin .
If glycosuria persists despite reducing the glucose input, insulin may be needed.
When there is a shortage or lack of insulin , glucose will accumulate and diabetes will develop.
The far more common type 2 results from an inability to utilize the insulin the body produces.
Close it up and then you go tell your Mum or Dad and they'll give you the insulin .
The key, he believes, is insulin , a hormone secreted by the pancreas gland.
I had to find out how to measure my blood glucose and dose myself with insulin .