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insulator / изолятор, изоляционный материал, непроводник
имя существительное
insulator, isolator, infirmary, probationary ward
изоляционный материал
insulation, insulator
non-conductor, insulator, dielectric
имя существительное
a thing or substance used for insulation, in particular.
cotton is a poor insulator
Asbestos cement is strong but lightweight, durable, waterproof, fireproof and a good insulator .
But the obese person in athletic competition is at great peril because the fat around his torso acts as an insulator , refusing to allow the body's heat to escape.
A sunroom, or patio room has a lot of glass, and glass is a poor insulator .
He suffered shock and serious burns when he touched the insulator .
The substance, widely used for many years as an insulator or flame retardant, causes several kinds of fatal pulmonary illness that can take decades to develop.
Since ice is an insulator , this will cause even more ice to form.
Cheap and fireproof, it was an all-purpose insulator used to lag buildings, railway carriages, even ironing boards.
The integrated circuit further includes an adhesive formed over the insulator .
cotton is a poor insulator