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insulation / изоляция, изоляционный материал
имя существительное
insulation, isolation, seal, segregation, seclusion, sequestration
изоляционный материал
insulation, insulator
имя существительное
the action of insulating something or someone.
keep your home warmer through insulation
They needed to protect their insulation from water because it stunk when wet.
The noise is reduced with insulation throughout the body, engine compartment, door panels, and floor.
Mattresses provide cushion, as well as insulation , protecting the cow during times of cold weather.
Subcutaneous fat below the dermis consists primarily of adipose tissue, and it provides mechanical protection and insulation .
This tissue not only stores energy but also provides insulation and protection to vital organs in the body.
The red blotches show heat being lost through poor insulation .
This then gradually hardens on the outside to provide airtight seal, proper insulation , as well as a degree cushioning protection in case of an accident.
New doors have opened, allowing us to choose paths that free us from that insulation and isolation.
his comparative insulation from the world
his comparative insulation from the world