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insulate / изолировать, обособлять, разобщать
isolate, insulate, seal, segregate, sequester, seclude
isolate, segregate, insulate
release, disunite, disconnect, estrange, dissociate, insulate
имя прилагательное
isolated, insulated, insulate, secluded, separate, sequestered
disjunct, disjoined, disengaged, dissociated, estranged, insulate
protect (something) by interposing material that prevents the loss of heat or the intrusion of sound.
the room was heavily insulated against all outside noise
make (land) into an island.
the village was insulated by every flood of the river
By preventing subnational governments from using internal trade barriers to insulate local firms from market competition, this condition helps level the economic playing field.
Determine whether you will be using the space for living and want to heat it or prefer to just insulate the main part of the house below the attic.
Dielectric materials are used to insulate circuits and cables from each other deep inside the machinery, making sure currents flow where they are supposed to and do not disturb other components.
A ground strap bolted to the engine block may not do the job; head gaskets, silicon, and bolt sealer can electrically insulate the cylinder heads from ground.
This policy allows the US to guard the liberty of its citizens, to protect and insulate them against malevolent forms of interference in their lives.
One thing we would recommend people to do would be to insulate their home as well as they can before they start sticking on wind turbines.
To start… Using pouring or blowing materials is an easy way to insulate your attic.
Whether the talk is of tops, bottoms, recoveries or downturns, the adherence to a sound set of investing guidelines will always insulate stock pickers from wasting time thinking about the market's next move.
insulate and draught-proof your home
The problem you'll be attempting to solve by doing the experiment in this section is which materials insulate best against windchill.