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insular / островной, замкнутый, изолированный
имя прилагательное
closed, close, enclosed, withdrawn, reserved, insular
isolated, insulated, insulate, secluded, separate, insular
имя существительное
islander, insular, isleman, islesman
имя прилагательное
ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one's own experience.
a stubbornly insular farming people
of, relating to, or from an island.
the movement of goods of insular origin
of or relating to the insula of the brain.
What this told us was that he had damage to two areas of the brain: the insular cortex and parts of the basal ganglia.
Quebec being small, in regard to its institutions, and somewhat insular because of its cultural history, its people have always perceived Canadian cinema as being foreign.
Gold and silver were sometimes used in the production of manuscripts (after the early insular script).
In marked contrast to previous morphometric results, a clear separation between continental and insular samples was found, and intermediates between H. balearica and H. valentina samples were not detected.
This backwardness with respect to the churches of the continental and insular west was nevertheless overcome by means of a form of cultural evolution.
We, in our society, too frequently place ourselves in insular groups that do not freely talk to one another.
In particular, areas between reserves were not as inhospitable to species in the reserves as oceans were to insular species.
Moreover, few outside influences had ever been incorporated into this music, making this a very insular culture.
Because no one outside the insular world of boxing can name one pug that he has under contract.
He says that I am repressive, intolerant, populist, insular , sloppy, and ignorant.
The USA is accused of being an insular , isolated society for all the wrong reasons: the correct reason is that Americans feel strength from their insularity, and confidence from being isolated.