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insufficient / недостаточный, неудовлетворительный, неполный
имя прилагательное
inadequate, insufficient, scarce, deficient, poor, low
unsatisfactory, insufficient, dissatisfactory, lame
incomplete, partial, imperfect, half, short, insufficient
имя прилагательное
not enough; inadequate.
there was insufficient evidence to convict him
Anything less and he would have insufficient time to settle into the job.
So far there has been insufficient evidence to link financially any of the visits to a particular member.
In military terms, striking at insurgents and terrorists is necessary but insufficient .
Greig added that some minor roads in rural areas might have to be shut down if there are insufficient funds to fix them.
However a review document produced by the group warns that current funding is insufficient .
That was arguably too prescriptive and pedagogic with insufficient human interest.
My offence, so far as I could tell, was to show insufficient respect to cabinet ministers.
It strikes me as incredible that insufficient thought and planning was given to such a major activity.
However, that leaves insufficient time to organise live coverage for Saturday.
Have houses prices too low, and there'll be insufficient investment in the area.