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insufficiency / недостаточность
имя существительное
failure, insufficiency, inadequacy, paucity, incompetence
имя существительное
the condition of being insufficient.
insufficiency of adequate housing
The Chinese team demonstrated a fundamental professional insufficiency , and worse than this, they never bothered to play at anything more than half-steam.
A person who has adrenal insufficiency should always carry identification stating the condition in case of an emergency.
Methylergonovine should be used with caution, if at all, in patients with cardiac or peripheral vascular disease, or hepatic or renal insufficiency .
This tradition, through sheer insufficiency , necessarily focuses attention and nurtures the greatest expertise at the company level and below.
Hormonal factors appear to play a conflicting role in the regulation of salt and water balance under conditions of pulmonary insufficiency .
renal insufficiency
insufficiency of adequate housing
Under abnormal conditions there is an excess or insufficiency of either yin or yang which leads to the occurrence of disease.
The National Institute for the Scientific Study of Peace would redress that insufficiency .
insufficiency of adequate housing