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insufferable / невыносимый, нетерпимый, нестерпимый
имя прилагательное
unbearable, insufferable, intolerable, unendurable, impossible, insupportable
intolerant, bigoted, impatient, insufferable, illiberal
intolerable, insufferable, unendurable, insupportable, past all bearing, beyond all bearing
имя прилагательное
too extreme to bear; intolerable.
the heat would be insufferable by July
As an individual he was probably insufferable : it should be enough to mention that he was a vegetarian, a teetotaller, and an anti-vivisectionist.
In Titanic, virtually every Englishman was insufferable , while happy Irish fiddlers and dancers created a wonderful atmosphere in steerage.
Then you can send your new animated, all-singing, all-dancing creation to anybody you want to, to prove exactly how insufferable you really are.
What other cosmic reasoning can explain this insufferable , graceless production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream now playing at the Poor Alex?
When he was a schoolboy at an insufferable snob establishment on the south coast of England, George Orwell developed a strong aversion to all things Scottish.
Such is the scenario in Pearl Harbor, essentially an orgy of impressive special effects that are wrapped up in about two hours of insufferable romantic-conundrum filler.
It's one of the goofiest records I've ever heard, but it's also quite dark and there's a mania to the giggliness which stops it being just insufferable .
Hasn't the guy become insufferable since getting all this publicity?
He says that last Sunday's Scottish Cup exit to Celtic, the result that damned Rangers to a joyless and fruitless remainder of an insufferable season, was for him the watershed.
After spending two to three months in insufferable conditions, they were shackled to boats bound for the Americas and Europe.