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insubstantial / иллюзорный, неосновательный, нереальный
имя прилагательное
illusory, illusive, insubstantial, delusive, phantom, elusory
flimsy, unfounded, groundless, insubstantial, idle
unreal, unrealistic, insubstantial, imaginary, vaporous, aerial
insecure, groggy, flimsy, haywire, frail, insubstantial
имя прилагательное
lacking strength and solidity.
the huts are relatively few and insubstantial
Contrariwise, juries may convict where the judicial decision-maker would find the evidence insubstantial .
And so they didn't seem showy and insubstantial , they seemed like real thoughts that had a particular weight.
Motoko can make herself and others invisible, inaudible, insubstantial … you get the idea.
It's feared a wooden fence separating the two properties was insubstantial , and people standing on the balconies of their new homes would be able to look down on gardens surrounding the Lodge.
Any justification very likely can appear or be made to appear judgmental, discriminatory, unfairly harsh, insubstantial or even anachronistic.
The figure, in its nakedness, has an almost ghostly, insubstantial quality, a pathetic vulnerability.
We who lived in the suburbs of towns that were themselves anonymous and mediocre were exiles from the city's Real: insubstantial wraiths, resigned to our status as non-beings.
Because thoughts are insubstantial until we bring them into some kind of material reality with speech, writing, art, machines etc.
Relative to the musical company into which he's been thrust, his vocal melodies are insubstantial and lyrics pretty but vague.
What strangers we meet are wraith-like, insubstantial , as if at a quarter-turn from our reality.