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instrumentation / приборостроение, инструментовка, оснащение инструментами
имя существительное
instrumentation, orchestration
оснащение инструментами
имя существительное
the particular instruments used in a piece of music; the manner in which a piece is arranged for instruments.
Telemann's specified instrumentation of flute, violin, and continuo
measuring instruments regarded collectively.
the controls and instrumentation of an aircraft
The Blues Vein are great exponents of the Chicago blues style - the five piece band using the classic Chicago instrumentation of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and harmonica.
Once considered the poster child for the renaissance in acoustic jazz, Redman has definitely moved on, incorporating funky rhythms, electric instrumentation and more jazz improvisation into his music.
The controls and instrumentation are just too quirky.
The orchestra sounds fired-up, Verdi's instrumentation is revealed in all its glory and the performance speaks with a common tongue.
In the last few years I have returned to the notion of abstraction as an inspiration in itself, letting a particular instrumentation or musical gesture generate a whole piece.
Airline passengers are currently instructed to switch off their mobile phones before a plane takes off, as the signals could interfere with aircraft instrumentation .
A typical automated test and control system uses a computer to control positioning equipment and instrumentation .
Cadenza's music and instrumentation of mandolin, Irish harp and guitar is based on an Irish Traditional sound, however the addition of cello and violin give it a classical flavour.
Wainwright experiments with song structure and instrumentation , dabbling in swaying pop songs, waltzes and layers of horns and strings, giving the album an old world feel that moves from the whimsical to the melodramatic.
This article describes a systematic approach to controlling equipment and instrumentation expenses.