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instrumental / инструментальный, творительный, способствующий
имя прилагательное
instrumental, ablative
conducive, contributory, conducing, instrumental, ministerial
имя существительное
творительный падеж
instrumental case, ablative, instrumental
имя прилагательное
serving as an instrument or means in pursuing an aim or policy.
the society was instrumental in bringing about legislation
(of music) performed on instruments, not sung.
a largely instrumental piece
of or relating to an implement or measuring device.
instrumental error
denoting or relating to a case of nouns and pronouns (and words in grammatical agreement with them) indicating a means or instrument.
In Russian, the instrumental case is used to indicate how something is done.
имя существительное
a piece of (usually nonclassical) music performed solely by instruments, with no vocals.
Her music presents instrumentals and melodies that blend classical, contemporary jazz, pop and African rhythms into a seamless style.
the instrumental case.
Of the five inflectional cases which are commonly ascribed to the Old English noun, the instrumental is the one least obvious.
The government's ability to provide basic services reliably was instrumental in establishing government creditability.
Events include set dancing, figure dancing, instrumental music, solo singing, recitation, ballad group and question time.
Competitions will take place in solo singing, recitation, question time, instrumental music, ballad group singing, novelty act, ceilidh dancing.
All tenets are instrumental in producing issues that prepare war fighters and planners to be good decision makers.
The organoleptic quality of tomato fruit involves a set of attributes (flavour, aroma, texture) that can be evaluated either by sensory analyses or by instrumental measures.
Although his musical output was modest, his vocal and instrumental music speaks in a highly personal voice.
This situation is likely if she has experienced a long labor, an instrumental delivery, or separation from her baby, all of which are more likely following an epidural.
We will then consider the instrumental function of value judgments and their experimental verification.
Inclusion criteria were instrumental vertex delivery of a live singleton after 37 weeks of gestation or cesarean delivery at full dilation.
In electronic devices, even a negligible instrumental error can totally degrade the system compared to electro-mechanical ones.