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instrument / инструмент, прибор, документ
имя существительное
tool, instrument, implement, tackle, apparatus, engine
device, instrument, appliance, apparatus, gear, implement
document, paper, instrument, writing, record, deed
имя прилагательное
связанный с приборами
orchestrate, instrument
практически осуществлять
оборудовать приборами
имя существительное
a tool or implement, especially one for delicate or scientific work.
a surgical instrument
a measuring device used to gauge the level, position, speed, etc., of something, especially a motor vehicle or aircraft.
In low visibility, they help guide pilots to the runway as we transition from flying on the aircraft's instruments to a visual landing.
an object or device for producing musical sounds.
a percussion instrument
a formal document, especially a legal one.
execution involves signature and unconditional delivery of the instrument
equip (something) with measuring instruments.
For Protocol 4, animals were instrumented before delivery to measure pulmonary artery pressure and left atrial pressure.
And hopefully, even, we need to use expropriation as an instrument of land reform.
The instrument is able to measure isotopes at the individual atom level and does so by generating millions of volts of electricity.
Many students regard the piano as a percussion instrument , and treat it as such.
The worker no longer sees himself as a mere instrument for fulfilling the needs of the entrepreneur.
Not being a legal instrument , the Declaration would appear to be outside international law.
execution involves signature and unconditional delivery of the instrument
Recent historical experience thus confirms the judgement made long ago by Marx and Lenin that the state can't simply be used as an instrument of social transformation.
The Air Force promptly made him an aircraft instrument repairman.
a surgical instrument
Is it an instrument of social oppression or of national self-assertion?