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instructor / инструктор, преподаватель, учитель
имя существительное
instructor, trainer, coach
teacher, instructor, lecturer, professor, academic, reader
teacher, master, instructor, guru, pedagogue, beak
имя существительное
a person who teaches something.
a driving instructor
On her return from Japan, Karp accepted a post as instructor at the University of Maryland.
A karate instructor who teaches his students how to stand up to bullies will star on television chat show Trisha.
she's a qualified swimming instructor
a driving instructor
He was a military man with the rank of colonel but he was an instructor teaching artillery and mathematics.
driving instructor
He then spent three years as an instructor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
a driving instructor
On returning to the USA he became an instructor at the University of California in Berkeley.
A driving instructor 's student narrowly averted an accident as they came across the rope.