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instructive / поучительный, просветительный
имя прилагательное
instructive, enlightening, didactic, sapiential, informative, exemplary
instructive, educative
имя прилагательное
useful and informative.
it is instructive to compare the two projects
It also is instructive as an example of the gray areas that are inherent in the discipline.
It is instructive to compare the operation of the essentially similar institutions in Sweden and Denmark.
For these assertions are instructive just because they reveal some of the less obvious effects of a denial of human rights.
I hope you've found it as instructive reading the posts as I've found it writing them.
It is instructive to apply the book's thesis to Scotland - too often wrongly lumped in with England.
Here they are stifled by large pictures of lesser quality, although the juxtapositions are instructive .
I personally found it instructive and helpful, as I think all those who have taken the course so far.
It is instructive to compare ball speeds and distances in cricket and hockey.
Indeed the lines of thinking in different epochs provide instructive examples of the science of the day.
That would give other failed institutions an encouraging and instructive example.