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instruct / инструктировать, учить, обучать
instruct, brief
teach, learn, train, instruct
teach, train, instruct, tutor, school, nurture
inform, apprise, enlighten, instruct, apprize
inform, report, communicate, tell, announce, instruct
direct or command someone to do something, especially as an official order.
she instructed him to wait
teach (someone) a subject or skill.
he instructed them in the use of firearms
give a person direction, information, or authorization, in particular.
I will instruct you and teach you.
Even if you're not trained, a dispatcher can instruct you in CPR until help arrives.
May our past failures instruct us, warn us, and prepare us for these uncertain and dark times.
Can you please instruct your officials to help the communities which are willing to help themselves as was promised.
he must indicate which of the firms he wishes to instruct
We must ever remember His absolute uniqueness, but at the same time we can find in His childhood a model to instruct us as parents and educators.
Aside from these fundamentals, you'll get a chance to practice these skills and get pointers from the pros as they instruct you on the best moments to use these talents.
My words fell out in the voice I used at the palace, to instruct an obstinate official of one region or other, or to take the delegates in hand.
When this is all over, maybe they'll even instruct the real officials to loosen up a bit, to let the players play.
However, when the Prophet Moses reached the mountain before the appointed time, the Almighty extended this period to forty days in order to train and instruct him.