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institutionalize / наделять законным статусом
наделять законным статусом
establish (something, typically a practice or activity) as a convention or norm in an organization or culture.
a system that institutionalizes bad behavior
place or keep (someone) in a residential institution.
these adolescents had more contacts with the police and were charged and institutionalized more often
A decision to permit generics to bid on procurement contracts will institutionalize market competition and drive prices, including those of new drugs, steadily downward.
The more difficult task is to institutionalize a process that can achieve his vision.
Let's institutionalize the process, say that each of us will talk to our membership or our leadership about our goals.
The true tragedy hasn't been his condition, but rather the doctor who wanted to institutionalize him, the school that refused his admittance, the babysitter that insisted I remain at the childcare center.
She had left the United States because she believed that Robert would again try to institutionalize her.
It is widely supposed that one way to do this is to institutionalize the decision-making process, transforming it from an individual action into a collective one.
By joining with others to institutionalize green practices this way, public departments have become agents of change, adding real value to their portfolio of building assets while reaping civic dividends.
We must constantly work to improve conditions in all areas of our work and institutionalize our process improvements.
The outburst may have been violent and warrant for arrest or to institutionalize her, but I provoked it.
Decker was worried that I might try to institutionalize him.