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institutional / институционный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, in, or like an institution or institutions.
institutional care
Many people, disappointed with institutional religion, prefer to speak the language of spirituality.
Of those who survive, about another 20% will end up in institutional care who weren't in that before the stroke.
Moreover, it may reduce the risk of an influenza outbreak that will disrupt daily institutional life and care.
Slavery was an institutional given in ancient times, and continued to be that in almost the entire world through the eighteenth century.
Indeed, Jandoo said that most large organisations are guilty of institutional racism.
It was still dull, institutional grey, with the orange Sheppard's sign on the side.
Most fund companies serve both institutional and individual investors.
The real problem is how to practice your craft without institutional support.
In 1974, Don Yoder defined ‘folk religion’ as existing alongside but apart from institutional religion.
Today, perhaps more than ever before, religionists feel the tension between institutional faith and civil liberties.