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institution / заведение, учреждение, институт
имя существительное
institution, establishment, shop, shebang
institution, establishment, institute, foundation, introduction, constitution
institute, institution
имя существительное
a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose.
a certificate from a professional institution
an established law, practice, or custom.
the institution of marriage
the action of instituting something.
a delay in the institution of proceedings
Our government should respect every person and protect the institution of marriage.
Major credit cards vary in how they compute this rate, but it's usually much higher than what a financial institution would charge for a loan.
This was in the light of the implications that would flow for Parliament itself as an institution (the role of MPs in particular) in holding the executive to account.
she is now considered as something of a "national institution ".
As a matter of law, the institution of ‘marriage’ is itself the product, the creation, of the exercise of state power.
While Alice loves her children, the institution of slavery constricts and circumscribes her love for them.
Thus, just as in the American South, Cherokee lawmakers would prohibit legal marriages between slaves and free people to preserve the institution of slavery.
I thank them all for their commitment to the people they serve and to our democratic institution , this Parliament.
Undoubtedly the fact that the institution of slavery froze billions of dollars of capital into human beings was of great importance in maintaining this way of life.
To our lights, so was the idea that the institution of marriage was in jeopardy.