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instinct / инстинкт, интуиция, природное чутье
имя существительное
intuition, insight, instinct, feeling, sixth sense
природное чутье
имя прилагательное
vital, live, lifelong, biotic, instinct
имя прилагательное
imbued or filled with (a quality, especially a desirable one).
these canvases are instinct with passion
имя существительное
an innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli.
birds have an instinct to build nests
‘It took years of practice and discipline and a lot of patience for me to develop the instinct for it,’ said Singhania.
I use semicolons solely on the basis of instinct .
Every renunciation of instinct now becomes a dynamic source of conscience and every fresh renunciation increases the latter's severity and intolerance.
For example, I've been in the Marines for over half my life and yet I've retained a preternatural instinct for interior design.
instinct is stronger than upbringing
How else to explain what seems to be an instinct to judge the moment and react accordingly?
It wasn't demeaning, or if it was, it hurt him more, as I came off the carnal innocent, surviving only on instinct not knowledge.
It is well accepted that we don't have to train children to do what is wrong - it appears to be a natural instinct for them to do what is wrong.
It was woman's distinctive moral qualities - feeling and instinct - that were thought to dull her abilities to practice science.
In truth, the gamble in bringing Doyen back against an instinct to keep him for another season never looked like succeeding.