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instil / внушать, вселять, внушать исподволь
inspire, instill, suggest, instil, impress, inculcate
inspire, instill, infuse, strike, instil, imbue
внушать исподволь
insinuate, instil, instill
she was told how to instil eye drops
When patients first instil pilocarpine they often experience a brow ache, which tends to reduce with longer term use of the drug.
The coach's first task was to instil belief in her abilities.
A strong nationalist belief was instilled in each and every member of the family.
Open the clamp and irrigate with heparin, clamping the catheter as the last of heparin is instilled .
A simple method is to instill a measured amount of saline to infer the volume of the wound.
Appropriate position can be checked by aspirating through the needle used for instilling the local anesthetic.
Topical anesthesia is administered by instilling anesthetic drops into the eye.
Despite the debates over the years, a majority of Americans view public schools as a proper venue for instilling religious beliefs.
Hunger, passion and pride are instilled in this team but they have not got to an All Ireland final on appetite alone.