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instate / вводить в должность, обеспечивать
вводить в должность
provide, ensure, procure, insure, assure, instate
set up in position; install or establish.
the restoration of those very authoritarian forms against which democracy had been instated
But if the exhibition failed to instate a new globalized interpretation of art history or even to propose a usable definition of good art, this was perhaps by design.
It's not up to the council to make the decision except to instate the will of the people.
It was 1980, the time of Solidarity, and it was a short-lived stay - within months martial law was instated and he was booted out but it had developed his taste for the country.
He's written a constitution, set up an interim government, created a brand-new currency, instated law and order, and recorded a national anthem.
When this district agreed to accept David, in light of his ‘special’ abilities, several rules were instated to ensure both his safety and that of his classmates.
This clearly proves that instating a draft has negative results, and only leads to more soldiers coming home in body bags.
To honor his triumph over the beast, Apollo instated the sacred games known as Pythian, which are held at Delphi every four years since 6 B.C.
And don't get me wrong, I'm right there, always just playing hard rock and stuff, but there's hopefully a better movement or a different movement to be instated fairly soon.
He also called for national elections in the coming year and instated a voter registration period.
I am meaning to see that the Prince is happily settled with the rightful lady and that he is instated in due time.