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instantaneous / мгновенный, немедленный
имя прилагательное
instantaneous, passing
instant, immediate, instantaneous
имя прилагательное
occurring or done in an instant or instantly.
her reaction was almost instantaneous
existing or measured at a particular instant.
measurement of the instantaneous velocity
What Barsamian's questions provoke is an eloquent and desperate plea for direct, instantaneous action.
This is an improvement over earlier systems that depended on the use of a stand-alone gas detector with alarm, which experts had to monitor continuously so that the reaction to any malfunction could be instantaneous .
Being that he was from around these parts, his sense of direction was almost instantaneous .
It's that instantaneous direction change, the wheel-shredding asphalt grind that cooks up this sure winner on the attention-o-meter.
The first instantaneous velocity equal to or greater than 10 mm/s defined the beginning of the movement.
The instantaneous hostility of France to the second UN resolution proposed by Britain and America was presented last week as a brave moral stand by the French foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin.
The Empires disappeared suddenly, as though in an instantaneous catastrophe.
Owing to the intermittent nature of turbulence, we related individual predation events to local, instantaneous relative velocities instead of bulk averages.
Also in line with experimental measurements, the examination of instantaneous velocity of simulated beads shows that pause time decreases with increasing wall shear stress.
Figure 2 demonstrates a rapid but not instantaneous decrease in elongation of primary roots of lupin when pressure was applied to entire axes.