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instant / момент, мгновение
имя существительное
moment, point, momentum, instant, minute, factor
instant, moment, flash, second, minute, twinkling
имя прилагательное
instant, immediate, instantaneous
soluble, instant, dissoluble, resolvable, resoluble
current, actual, flowing, operating, running, instant
как только
instant, scarcely, no sooner than, scarce, ever as
имя прилагательное
happening or coming immediately.
the offense justified instant dismissal
urgent; pressing.
an instant desire to blame others when things go wrong
(in business letters) of the current month.
your letter of the 6th instant
of the present moment.
In the instant case, the direct given by the judge has not been shown to be inappropriate in the circumstances.
имя существительное
a precise moment of time.
come here this instant!
a very short space of time; a moment.
for an instant the moon disappeared
instant coffee.
Many sins are forgivable, but charging handsomely for coffee that comes directly from an outsized tin of own-label instant is not one of them.
So the Army is very seductive to them because it gives an instant solution to everything: Who am I?
Of course, like other instant solutions to complex problems, it's not quite as simple as that, because the root is still there.
All of this, ever just below the surface of my thought, flashed across my mind in the instant between my question and his answer.
It is a sign that uses an abbreviated code for a specific instant of duration or registration of a sociological temporal moment.
Both had answered at the same instant - doubtless a moment of revelation for Sara McArdle.
Love, pain, longing and devotion are written across her face in a flash, sometimes in the same instant .
Would she fade away slowly, or just disappear in an instant ?
Twice she saw the ‘green flash’, a brilliant flash of emerald green light on the horizon at the instant of the sun's setting.
You will not become an overnight success, an instant millionaire or an Oscar winning actor.
In the instant case, the direct given by the judge has not been shown to be inappropriate in the circumstances.