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install / устанавливать, монтировать, вселить
install, set, establish, place, set up, mount
mount, install, assemble, edit, fit, cut
inspire, install, instal, imbue, settle in, establish
place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use.
we're planning to install a new shower
place (someone) in a new position of authority, especially with ceremony.
he was installed as music director at the Cathedral of St. Barbara in Cracow
He wants the US to install a puppet regime based around Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress.
you may want to install a new version of the program
Because they got help from government agencies to install the new machinery, the mill will have paid for itself within six years.
we're planning to install a new shower
If the plans go ahead, work to install the ticket machines will begin on Friday.
Meanwhile work will commence to install a new lift near the main reception area of the old town hall.
If the car has power brakes, install a vacuum pump to operate the brake booster.
But it is a big task to install him as orchestrator with so little hands-on experience.
The company is ready to install equipment manufactured by Germany's Schuster Engineering.
Shortly, he said, we would see the dog's handler take a hold on her haunches and install her in her appointed trap, backside first.