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instability / неустойчивость, непостоянство
имя существительное
instability, imbalance, unsteadiness, lability, fluctuation, disequilibrium
impermanence, inconstancy, variability, volatility, instability, fickleness
имя существительное
lack of stability; the state of being unstable.
political and economic instability
political and economic instability
Moving from job to job is seen as a sign of instability rather than a sign of success.
The cast skilfully confronted the delicate issue of mental instability with poise and sensitivity.
Ying Tong is about the relationship between creativity and mental instability .
I think that it requires a serious state of mental instability to be incited to copy what you see on a television screen.
He is unbalanced, and that mental instability makes him a danger to himself and to others.
Once his mental instability manifested itself, she won a divorce, but she did not seem so very fond of him in the first place.
Why wasn't his mental instability spotted before this terrible incident?
It emerged that Sharpe had a history of mental instability and had had psychiatric treatment.
she showed increasing signs of mental instability