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inspirit / воодушевить, вдохнуть, воодушевлять
inspire, inspirit, reanimate, mettle
imbue, inspirit, inbreathe
inspire, cheer, encourage, warm, warm up, inspirit
encourage and enliven (someone).
the inspiriting beauty of Gothic architecture
The subsequent photograph, published in a newspaper, was meant to inspirit the troops in Vietnam.
By encompassing the political arena, the Ulster Literary Theatre stood in marked contrast to the Abbey company, which struggled to exclude from its theater ‘the inspiriting turmoil of the nation in the streets.’
But then, Lord Jenkins is an inspiritingly undisappointed man.
Both inspirited and knowing, this boy always will find game.
From ‘the cacophonous and diligent howling’ of dogs to the ‘enchanting and inspiriting sound of mandolins’, the paired adjectives are ‘correct and satisfactory’.
Whether song or soul, it is the form that inspirits the matter and gives it its life.
It is customary to regard the relations between Jews and Germany as one of the grimmest, least inspiriting chapters of modern history.
And Reagan sort of inspirits the nation, gives it a feeling that it has shared values and a better future.
The flayed skin in The Last Judgment has the status of a mask; an entire body, putatively that of the author, has been turned into a larva, an empty and inanimate persona void of inspiriting energy.
The frightened country can lose that which inspirits it.