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inspire / вдохновлять, вдохновить, воодушевить
inspire, animate, imbue, prepossess, inbreathe
inspire, inspirit, reanimate, mettle
fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
his passion for romantic literature inspired him to begin writing
breathe in (air); inhale.
In the current study, breathing pattern was measured using a pneumotachograph attached to a T piece while the patient inspired supplemental oxygen.
For instance, seeing O'Toole and Burton spar in the pro-cleric film Beckett helped inspire my studies of medieval history.
Let them stimulate your creativity and inspire you to begin a certification project in your own association.
the movie was successful enough to inspire a sequel
Some saying that a turn over in those key positions might help inspire confidence here at the White House.
Little in this record was calculated to inspire enthusiasm among the electors of the Ulivo coalition, let alone those who had voted against it.
The balconies are empty, but these romantic houses inspire me.
they can expand their lungs and inspire enough gas to satisfy oxygen requirements
So why do certain animals invoke admiration while others inspire pity or disdain?
The ArtAbout group was formed in 1999 by Northern Rivers artists who wanted to share ideas and inspire one another.
What if the other party nominates a candidate whose record doesn't inspire confidence with respect to national security?