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inspirational / вдохновляющий
  • inspirational speech - вдохновенная речь
имя прилагательное
providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration.
the team's inspirational captain
Its current education programme is extensive, innovative and inspirational .
The inspirational blueprint for the city centre has been published to a generally positive reception.
Vic never wrote anything before his inspirational moment in the bath back in 1996.
It was an inspirational score and the students began to enjoy their best spell.
This inspirational player broke round the blind side and was stopped just short of the try line.
One does not have to look far for the inspirational source for this sentence.
How far she was inspirational in the actual composition of the work remains essentially problematic.
It is a wracking emotional journey which never strays from its inspirational purpose.
She says Mullan's attitude towards the realities of the creative process were inspirational .
He has mental toughness and is a strong character and an inspirational captain.