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inspectorate / инспекция, должность инспектора, должность контролера
имя существительное
inspection, inspectorate
должность инспектора
должность контролера
имя существительное
a body that ensures that the official regulations applying to a particular type of institution or activity are obeyed.
the factory inspectorate
As the matter is so controversial, it would be in the interests of all concerned for the planning inspectorate to recommend that a public inquiry be held.
The statement said members wanted a meeting with the Commission for Social Care Inspection, as the inspectorate is now called.
The widow asked for discovery of an internal report by the defendants submitted to the railway inspectorate and the ministry.
The labour inspectorate inspected the workplace, and saw that it was good.
The children of Ofsted staff joined their parents at the inspectorate 's Holborn offices as part of Take Your Child to Work Day.
the factory inspectorate
Councillors agreed that proposals should be drawn up to ensure the inspectorate communicated with the council on concerns that it had about homes.
The school has now appealed against the decision and an inquiry will be held before an inspector from the planning inspectorate .
A spokesman for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, which oversees the inspectorate , described the situation as bizarre.
The only way to regulate the industry is through an independent inspectorate .