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inspect / инспектировать, осматривать, обследовать
inspect, visit, survey
inspect, examine, look, view, visit, survey
examine, survey, explore, inspect
look at (someone or something) closely, typically to assess their condition or to discover any shortcomings.
they were inspecting my outside paintwork for cracks and flaws
You of course have copies of the documents you now wish to inspect .
The Council is to send an expert to inspect the trees to assess their condition.
Food officers also regularly inspect their premises to ensure they comply with the regulations.
She was shocked and horrified when she went to inspect the premises and discovered the extent of the damage.
I have instructed a Building Surveyor to inspect the works and am awaiting his report.
customs officers came aboard to inspect our documents
Framed on the wall, it looks pictorial, until you inspect its relief and discover its sculptural elements.
Carefully inspect the display of rocks for footprints, claw marks and tail drags made by primitive reptiles.
No constable or bailiff can knock at the door and demand entry so as to inspect papers or documents.
customs officers came aboard to inspect our documents