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insomniac / вызывающий бессонницу
имя прилагательное
вызывающий бессонницу
имя существительное
человек, страдающий бессонницей
But peace comes like sleep does to an insomniac .
Christian Bale, who shed 50 pounds, stars as an insomniac who hasn't slept for a year and fears that they may be out to get him.
An insomniac who sleeps only three to four hours a night, her energy was legendary.
The insomniac is unable to get sufficient sleep for their daily needs.
Voice acting by many of the original cast members, or at least pretty good facsimiles, a fine soundtrack, groovy graphics, all complemented by gameplay that could drop a hardcore insomniac into blissful sleep inside of an hour.
Call me an insomniac ; I only sleep a few hours a day if that.
He appears to be assuming that we're all getting 8 hours of sleep, yet he's on record as a terrible insomniac .
Imagine, two PhD-chasing buckos arrived at the oh so-obvious conclusion that most English football matches would put an insomniac to sleep.
An insomniac who hasn't slept for over a year, he finds himself drawn into a crazy world of delusion and paranoia, where conspiracy theories start taking over his life.
Always an insomniac , he'd been short of sleep for weeks.