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insomnia / бессонница
имя существительное
insomnia, sleeplessness, wakefulness, vigilance
имя существительное
habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.
Fact sheets are on topics such as restless legs syndrome, insomnia , and sleep apnoea.
Caffeine has been linked with an array of health issues including insomnia , anxiety and stress incontinence.
Too much food also leads to poor sleep patterns, insomnia and weak nerves.
So you need to get checked out by a good doctor who knows something about sleep and insomnia .
Diagnoses ranged from anxiety, insomnia , and depression to psychosomatic disorders.
Maybe you suffer from insomnia and barely sleep a wink every night.
The most common side effects, however, are relatively minor, with insomnia and dry mouth the commonest.
Stress can also lead to insomnia , and poor health is just one side effect from lack of sleep.
Chronic insomnia occurs most nights and lasts three or more weeks.
Lack of sleep caused by insomnia is linked to accidents both on the road and on the job.
I suffered from insomnia last night and slept in fits and spurts throughout the day.