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insole / стелька
имя существительное
insole, sock, slipsole
имя существительное
a removable sole worn in a shoe for warmth, as a deodorizer, or to improve the fit.
Ideally, shoes should have removable insoles .
It is possible to tell the height and build of an individual by looking at the depth and area of a print, which could even come from the insole of a shoe.
Take the insole out, even if the shoes are new, and put in an insole that absorbs up to 50% of the shock from the foot.
If a shoe is already tight though, the insole will make it less comfortable.
See if you can pry the insole up and see what's going on in the inner workings.
Made in Italy, they offer a cushioned insole , leather lining, and a sturdy rubber sole.
We recommend to anyone who can do this that they lift up the insole of the shoe and slide the plastic bottom plate underneath the insole of the shoe.
Footwear should have a soft insole , heel counter and Velcro straps.
This means that the tops of the four smaller toes, when resting on the insole of a shoe, should be about level with one another.
It smells kind of new, but also kind of stale - like the insole of a two-month old trainer.
They don't offer a whole lot of arch support, but the insole is removable, which makes it easy to add one that gives you more if you need it.