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insistent / настойчивый, настоятельный, упорный
имя прилагательное
persistent, insistent, urgent, emphatic, aggressive, firm
urgent, imperative, insistent, pressing, instant, clamorous
persistent, stubborn, hard, refractory, rebellious, insistent
имя прилагательное
insisting or demanding something; not allowing refusal.
Tony's soft, insistent questioning
The bass is of utmost importance throughout - simple yet insistent .
It wasn't a friendly sounding knock, but an insistent one, that demanded attention.
Despite Jake's insistent questions, he refused to explain the purchases.
Ken is also looking forward to the upcoming league and championship campaigns, and is insistent that we can do well in both.
You would appreciate the Court has been very insistent on the importance of the warning.
But there were many responses all over and we all know that life is stronger and more insistent than its precepts.
Yet the sense of an ending has become an insistent warning.
In a near-riot, the crowd's frenzied attentions grew so insistent that people had to be lifted out of the way to let Collins through.
I can tell by the insistent beeping growing slower and slower by the moment.
Islam, the religion, is uncompromisingly insistent about the preservation of the free and fair market.