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insist / настаивать, настоять, утверждать
insist, infuse, press, draw, digest, enforce
insist, persist
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, insist
demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal.
she insisted on carrying her own bag
Yet those who endorse it insist that it is of paramount theological importance.
Oxford University insist that students are accepted solely on the basis of ability.
Forced to accept, he continued to insist that the ambassadors must perform the kowtow.
Those who know him insist he's driven by an utter inability to accept defeat.
I'll call him and cancel it, if you insist
No one can demand a dialogue and insist only on being heard, as is happening today.
Supporters of the constitution will accept a delay but insist the treaty must still be given a chance.
she thought he'd insist on it
Labour politicians who accept hospitality and sponsorship insist they can't be bought.
Firms all insisted on public liability cover, which had pushed up prices.