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insipid / пресный, безвкусный, бесцветный
имя прилагательное
fresh, unleavened, insipid, vapid, sweet, tasteless
tasteless, gaudy, flavorless, insipid, inelegant, bland
colorless, insipid, white, achromatic, drab, without color
имя прилагательное
lacking flavor.
mugs of insipid coffee
Before they are thoroughly matured, moreover, they are apt to be insipid in flavour, and to cause dyspepsia and other forms of intestinal disturbance.
Say goodbye to eating dull, monotonous and insipid food day after day.
And the textbooks are often insipid and bland, presenting a world which has no realities that children experience.
So many South African wines, particularly the big brands, are insipid , bland offerings, despite this great diversity.
Here's the gist: insipid music, a boring story and lots of people arriving in carriages.
By the way, incongruity is the middle name of this insipid film with characters too many and too sketchy and actors short of work or talent, or both.
It combined beautifully with the capers, although the mustard dressing was a little too insipid and in dire danger of being lost against the other pungent tastes.
We settled for lager - and got the most insipid , tasteless liquid I've swallowed in a long time.
Henry's charm begins to work on Carol, who's bored by her dull life and insipid husband.
Hearty food will make lighter wine taste insipid .